„Stop global warming - Start human warming!“

We make local actions and its initiatives visible.

#bonnfiji is an initiative made by locals from Bonn + Fiji and our mission is „Stop global warming - Start human warming“.

Its aim is to build a strong and sustainable partnership between both communities in dependance on COP23. In November 2016 the initiative has been started by climate+local activists and practitioners from Bonn. Together with the people from Fiji we make local actions + initiatives before, during and after COP23 in Bonn and in Fiji visible. We offer a digital + analogue COP23 side event program and we invite everybody to stand up for climate justice.

Everybody can participate in #bonnfiji in Bonn, Fiji and everywhere on earth.
Everybody is able to be a part of local actions and everybody can create it’s own initiative to find fellows for good.
The #bonnfiji project will empower non + governmental initiatives and organizations to create a better future all around the globe.


Stay tuned!