ABOUT #BONNFIJI – bringing Fiji to Bonn & Bonn to Fiji

…is an initiative which aims at connecting the Fiji Islands to the City of Bonn in the context of COP 23. It consists of a group of 17 experts from around the world based in Bonn, who volunteer their time, skills, knowledge and expertise to support climate action taken by the People and Government of Fiji in the lead up to, during and after COP 23. #BonnFiji started as a local initiative from Bonn by using the Twitter accounts @COP23Bonn &
@Bonn_Fiji. It is supposed to be a global community which takes local action by using a digital network platform and face to face exchange. In November 2016 the initiative had been founded in the BonnLAB by climate and local activists and practitioners from different countries who are based in Bonn.


Our Vision

…is to create a network of global citizens which connects local actors and relevant stakeholders as well as their initiatives and organizations. We exist to contribute in putting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into practise to reach them by 2030, and to make COP 23 a successful meeting with and for the people of Fiji and the world.


Our Mission

„ Stop global warming – Start human warming! “
… by …

  • Building capacities of local people and communities to achieve the SDGs by 2030, especially the Goal 13 on climate action;
  • Empowering people to take action by using their own knowledge, capacities, expertise, experiences and goodwill;
  •  Making climate action easy, low threshold and achievable for everyone with more visibility and outreach;
  • Sharing knowledge, existing opportunities and relevant information on climate action through online resources and digital collaboration;
  • Enhancing the role and engagement of global citizens in the informal process before, during and after COP 23 in order to connect all participants;
  • Encouraging non-state actors to promote their climate action initiatives.

We are

… a group of young people from Bonn.
We – the initiators of #BonnFiji – believe that humanity is a very important value to reach the Sustainable Development Goals, climate justice and a more inclusive society. Since COP 21 in Paris the co-founder of #BonnFiji – Johanna Schäfer – is on her mission to “Stop global warming & Start human warming!”.
On one hand we are volunteers and passionate climate enthusiasts from Bonn and further places in Germany who believe in bringing together fellow climate enthusiasts and stand up for a Cause – To Act Against Climate Change.
On the other hand, we are local actors in setting up sustainable and life worthy projects in our home cities or villages, especially in Bonn Germany. We are professionals with different backgrounds and international experiences: architects, advisors, communication / computer / media scientists, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, film / media makers, geographers, graphic artists, journalists, managers, etc.… – who want to share their knowledge and skills to create impact and value.


Our overall aim

… is to build a strong and sustainable partnership between Fiji and Bonn in dependence on COP 23 and to give people the power to participate in governmental processes and conferences like COP 23.
Humanity is the common base and enables us to live a climate-friendly and sustainable lifestyle: A human-friendly life gives every individual the opportunity and freedom to express him- or herself.
We implemented this initiative because we want to celebrate two weeks of action peacefully during the COP 23 in November 2017 here in Bonn with Fiji in our hearts.
We want that COP 23 has an effect on the life of everybody in Fiji and in Bonn by raising awareness for climate change and related risks worldwide, especially in Fiji.


Our #BonnFiji programme

…has been implemented to achieve our aim. It is divided into five phases.
Phase I to IV is dealing with short term activities until November 2017. The final phase V is planned to be medium and long term until 2030+.
The #BonnFiji programme started in November 2016. On one hand we think that it is important to install a digital collaboration platform and on the other hand we want to use the power of analogous exchanges and local actions. #BonnFiji can empower people a lot and it could become a movement by millions. Key of the programme is to combine the digital and the analogous world.
The digital platform bonnfiji.net is about making local actions in Bonn and Fiji visible and it gives COP 23 participants the opportunity to register their initiatives and get in contact with locals.
The digital platform already exists as a prototype and it will be improved step by step by volunteers in the next 4 #BonnFiji phases.


Our target groups of #BonnFiji programme

… are divided into three sections to have a long lasting and sustainable impact.
Short term (now until COP 23):

  • locals from Bonn and Fiji who want to be a part of COP 23
    Medium term (now until 2020):
  • climate activists and practitioners from all around the world
    Long term (now until 2030+):
  • people all around the world in the long term until 2030
    We give our target groups the opportunity to connect, to share knowledge and to work together on projects via our digital platform and in analogous exchange programs and actions.